The different types of triangles have been shared with the students. They should be able to recognize and name the triangles by angle size and length of the sides.
Please review as often as possible.

Mr. P.


The grade 4 students will be presenting autobiographies about their lives thus far.

The grade 5 students will be presenting biographies about a famous person.

The students will research for the next few weeks.

Presentations will begin Nov. 30



The students have begun reading novels and answering questions in their language folders. Please discuss what they have read so far.

Gr 4- "Frindle"

Gr 5- " The One and Only Ivan "

The 15 book challenge has also been distributed to the students, please discuss with your child.
New Math questions shared with the students through hapara, they can be saved into their google drive.

Gr 4 -Number Sense
Gr 5 Patterning.

Important info

Digital citizen comic/cartoon due Friday
Book orders due Thursday Sept .28
Math continue working on math worksheets
math quiz Monday Oct.2
Gr 4 patterning
Gr 5 numeration
Mathletics is a website the students may visit to practice the topics we have been working on. 
Grade 4 patterning
Grade 5 number sense and numeration.
It can be accessed by going through
and then click on the student portal and look for the mathletics icon.

Welcome! and Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone!
I would like to welcome everyone back to a new school year, I look forward to working with all the students in my classes and getting to meet the parents next Thursday, Sept. 21

 The students are off to a great start and I am really impressed! I will be posting information, homework, and important dates as needed, so please try and check regularly to see if there is anything new. I will try to contact everyone this week.

                                                                             Mr. P.